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Annamalai University question paper december 2014,B.Sc. (FASHION DESIGN): TEXTILE STUDY

Annamalai University  question paper december 2014
(Old Regulations)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 60 marks
 Answer ALL questions
(15×1 = 15)
1. _________process in inserting filling yarns through the shed.
2. Spinning of yarn mean_______
3. The fabric produced directly from the fibre stage is called _______
4. If the two (or) more different kinds of fibres are combined that is the fibre _____
5. When two (or) more yarns are twisted together, they are _______
6. Stretch yarns are type of ________yarns.
7. As the shuttle moves back and forth across the width of the shed, it weaves a selfedge
called the _______ of the fabric.
8. If each filling passes alternately over and under each warp in a square pattern, the
structure is _________weave.
9. ________ is the second most frequently used method of fabric construction.
10. Dobby is also called as _______
11. _______ is the method of fabric formation by plaited together by criss crossing.
12. _______ is the a derivative of netting.
13. The collections of more fabric cut piece with details of manufactures is called
14. __________, _________, ________ is the primary actions of weaving process.
15. The straight process puts the fibre into parallel lengthwise alignment is _________
process in spinning mills.
 Answer any FIVE questions
(5×3 = 15)
16. Yarn properties
17. Fibre blends
18. Leno weave
19. Satin weave
20. Coated fabric
21. Leather
22. Indentifying face and back of the fabric
23. Twisters spinning
 Answer any THREE questions
(3×10 = 30)
24. Explain in detail about cotton spinning system.
25. Explain the following weave structures. (a) Twill (b) Dobby (c) Pile (d) Huck-a-back
26. Explain the process involved in felt fabric
27. Explain about textured yarn.
28. Write about the warp knitting fabrics.
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