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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Annamalai University Question Paper December 2014,B.Sc. (FASHION DESIGN): COMPUTERS-III

Annamalai University question paper december 2014
(Common with B.Sc (TD) OR)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 60 marks
I. Fill in the blanks:- (10×1 = 10)
1. _____ tool adjusts the current image magnification.
2. The _____ is used to change or fix large areas.
3. A bitmap image is made up of _____ and nothing in between.
4. The indexed colour mode contains a _____ with a single set of indexed colours.
5. The ______ helps to select colour to be placed in the index.
6. The word ______ is really a short form of two words “Picture element”.
7. _____ will allow you to create your own complete mask on a picture.
8. The ______ is used for moving selected areas of an image, layers, shapes and other
9. _________ is used to make smoother edges by blending gradually with adjoining pixels.
10. ______ is a parameter that sets the degree to which pixel colours are influenced by a fill.
II. State True (OR) False:- (5×1 = 5)
1. The Marquee Tool is used to select portions of an image.
2. CMYK-denotes colour, Magenta, Yellow, Black.
3. The Photoshop levels and curves adjustments allow us to select a specific colour
channel and make adjustment just for that colour channel.
4. Elliptical Marque Tool is used to drag out a circle.
5. Value increases the brightness values by adding white or decreases the brightness
values by adding black.
III. Short notes on any FIVE:- (5×3 = 15)
1. Menu bar
2. Function of pixel
3. Colour scheme
4. Fill command
5. Correction tool
6. Contrast command
7. Auto colour command.
IV. Answer any THREE questions
(3×10 = 30)
1. Explain the basic elements of Photoshop.
2. Describe the functions of the status bar.
3. Describe the salient features of selection tools.
4. Explain the working of any two pattern drafting and marker making industry in the
apparel industry.
5. Elaborate on the working of Hue/ Saturation with an example.

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