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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Annamalai University question paper 2014 december,B.Sc.(FASHION DESIGN): CARE, RENOVATION AND FINISHES OF TEXTILES

Annamalai University  question paper 2014 december
(Old Regulations)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 60 marks
I. Fill in the blanks:- (10×1 = 10)
i. Name two wetting agent______
ii. Give one example of ecofriendly bleaching agent.
iii. ______is a device in washing machine for automatic addition of laundry supplies in the
wash/rinse cycles.
iv. Scouring represents _________
v. The finish which helps to control the fire on the textile_______.
vi. ________finish affects the appearance and hard of the fabric.
vii. _______ is finishing method used to control mildew growth.
viii. ________ is used to remove rust stains in fabric
ix. Name two optical brightness.
x. Name two thickening agents.
II. Write short notes on any FIVE of the following:- (5×4 = 20)
i. Define finishing. Write the classification of finishing methods.
ii. Briefly explain scouring of kill boiling.
iii. Write short note thickness and its classification.
iv. Briefly explain detergents.
v. Indicate the safe ironing temperature of cotton, wool, silk and Nylon.
vi. Discuss the wash care labels.
III. Answer any THREE questions
(3×10 = 30)
i. Explain briefly any three methods of aesthetic finishing with suitable examples.
ii. Explain the fabric mercerization process.
iii. Discuss on how the finishes are applied to textile materials.
a) Acid wash b) Stone wash c) Laser fading
iv. Explain the different methods through which wool is provided with moth proof
v. Explain the different stages involved in dry cleaning process.

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