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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Annamalai University Question Paper December,B.Sc.(PSYCHOLOGY): PRINCIPLES OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION

Annamalai University Question Paper 2014 December
(Old Regulation)
 (Candidates joined during 2008-2009 and before)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks
Answer any FIVE questions
 All questions carry equal marks (5×20=100)
1. Explain the Public Administration and other Social Sciences.
2. Elaborate the theories of Organisation.
3. Expound the policy formation according to Public Administration.
4. Describe Communication and Supervision.
5. Explain the Planning in Public Administration.
6. Expound the role of Staff Agencies in India.
7. What are the difficulties in good management?
8. Differentiate between the Span of control and unity of command.
9. Describe the different O and M techniques.
10. Give an account on the classical theory of organisation.

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