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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Annamalai University December 2014 Question Paper B.Sc.Electronic Science :Electronic Communication

Annamalai University december 2014 question paper
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks
 Answer any FIVE questions
 1. State the advantages of FM.
2. Explain the actions of Balanced Slope Detector.
3. With a block diagram, explain the working of super heterodyne receiver.
4. Write a note on resonant antenna.
5. Explain the operation of Yagi –Uda antenna.
6. Discuss the wave propagation through troposphere.
7. Write short notes on microwave links.
8. Explain four wire terminating set.
 Answer any FIVE questions
 9. Describe FM and modulation index. Derive the formula for the
instantaneous value of an FM voltage and frequency spectrum of the FM
10. Draw and explain the block diagram of SSB transmission. Prove that the
balanced modulator produces and output consisting of side band only,
with the carrier removed.
11. i) Describe the operation of dipole arrays.
ii) Explain the effects of antenna height.
12. Describe in detail sky wave propagation.
13. Explain in detail :Satellite communication.
14. Write short notes on:
i) Step by step switching
ii) Cross bar switching
iii) Electronic switching
15. Explain briefly i) Public telephone network
 ii) Private telephone network
16. Describe in detail the action of FM receiver.

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