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Annamalai University December 2014 Question Paper B.Sc.Construction Management : English II

Annamalai University december 2014 question paper
Time: Three hours Maximum: 75 marks
 (5 × 15 = 75)
I. Answer the following question in not less than 300 words
1. Write an essay on the contribution of Abdul Kalam for the field of Science in
2. Do you accept Kalam as a great scientific leader- Discuss.
II. Answer the following question in not less than 250 words
3. Write an essay on the effects of Tabacco and Alcohol.
4. Write a letter to the post master intimating him your change of address and
asking him to redirect your letters to the new address.
III. Fill in the blanks appropriately
5. a) I have read _______(a/the) first chapter of this book.
 b) It is not _______(a/an) Good chair.
 c) Tomorrow it _______(will rain/rain) in the north west.
 d) They ______(were sitting /are sitting) on the sofa.
 e) I read the news _______(in/on) the newspaper.
 f) She wants to stay ________(in/at) home tonight.
 g) Arun is the _______(faster/fastest) runner.
 h) Sachin is the _______batsman (best/good).
 i) That which cannot be seen ______(invisible / illegible)
 j) Keep quiet ________(can’t you / can you)
 k) My brother is _________(older/elder) to me.
 l) He is fond _________(of swimming /in swimming)
 m) We ________(ended /wound up ) the party at 9.p.m.
6. Write atleast 15 (fifteen) words using the affixes given below:
 a) im_________
 b) in_________
 c) _________ful
 d) _________ed
 e) __________ment
IV. Answer the following:
7. Discuss the kinds of questions that may be asked during an interview.
8. Write an essay on the nature and importance of group discussion.
V. Answer the following:
9. Write a letter to the Book company complaining about the bad state of
books received on transit.
10. Write a short report examining the problem of poor sales of a new product.
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