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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Annamalai University December 2014 Question Paper B.Sc Construction Management : Soil Science

Annamalai University december 2014 question paper
Time: Three hours Maximum: 75 marks
 Answer ONE FULL question from each UNIT (5 × 15 = 75)
1. Describe briefly the origin of soils and bring out the factors which control
their formation.
2. Give reasons for determining the grain-size distribution of a soil mass. Why
is the study generally confined to coarse-grained soils?
3. Explain the field and laboratory method of determination of co-efficient of
4. What constitutes a flow net? State any four methods of obtaining flow net in
any given case?
5. Discuss the essential differences between Boussinesq’s and Westergaard’s
theories. For which condition do both these theories yield approximately the
same value of vertical stress?
6. A circular area of 7.5m in dia. on the ground surface carries a uniformly
distributed load 3kN/m2. Find the intensity of vertical pressure below the
centre of the loaded area at a depth of 6m below the ground surface. Use
Boussinesq analysis.
7. List out the various factors affecting compaction. Explain in detail.
8. How do you estimate the field “e-p curve” of an over-consolidated clay?
9. Define critical void ratio. Explain the shear behaviour of a soil whose void
ratio is less than the critical void ratio.
10. Discuss atleast three factors which govern the shear strength of
cohesionless soils.

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