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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Annamalai University B.Sc. Electronic Science:Computer and Its Applications Question Paper december 2014

Annamalai University question paper december 2014
(Common with B.Sc Physics)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 75 marks
 Answer any FIVE questions (5×15=75)
 1. a) Discuss about the evolution of computers. (7)
 b) Explain the purpose of flow chart. (8)
 2. a) What is an algorithm? Explain it. (5)
 b) Briefly describe the usage of software. (10)
 3. a) Give a brief account on input peripherals. (8)
 b) Describe the concept of CRT terminal. (7)
 4. a) Explain about hard disk. (7)
 b) Discuss about the need of computer peripherals. (8)
 5. a) Write a short note on variable. (5)
 b) Explain in detail about input/output statements. (10)
 6. a) Give a detailed note on various type of operators. (10)
 b) Explain about read statement. (5)
 7. a) Discuss about if then else statement with an example. (8)
 b) Write a note on string operations. (7)
 8. a) Describe the usage of subroutines. (7)
 b) Explain about common statement. (8)

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