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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Annamalai University 2014 December Question Paper,B.Sc. (FASHION DESIGN):COMPUTER-II

Annamalai University  2014 december question paper
(Old Regulation)
(Common with B.Sc T.D (OR))
Time: Three hours Maximum: 60 marks
 Answer the following questions
 1. _______ tool is used to crop images.
2. ______command used to Erase.
3. Colour pallet contain in ______ bar.
4. GIF________
5. URL________
6. JPEG________
7. Control S_______
8. Control Z_______
9. Eardrop tool used to_______
10. Another name for Selection tools is______
11. Zoom tool is used for________
12. HSB means________
13. Ctrl+ Shift+S________
14. Control+Shift +Z__________
15. Ctrl+E__________
 Write short notes on any FIVE of the
3. i) Elipse tool
 ii) Power clip
 iii) Smudge Brush
 iv) Free transform tool
 v) Intractive connector
 vi) Redo action tool
 vii) Work space tool
 Answer any THREE in detail
4. Elaborate in detail about chest printing design using corel draw.
5. What is positioning of objects? Explain.
6. Explain about different types of Fills.
7. Enumerate on lenses and its application.
8. Discuss about Input and export document in coral draw.
9. Discuss in detail the application of coral draw in Garment industry.

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