Monday, December 28, 2015

Anatomy and Physiology DMLT Barkatullah University 2009 Question Paper

Are you looking for Barkatullah University Previous Years Question Papers ?  You can here download the question paper for Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology. Subject- Anatomy and Physiology
Course : Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology
University : Barkatullah University
Subject : Anatomy and Physiology
Time 3 hours
Maximum Marks 50
Exam Year : 2009

Q.1. Describe anatomy of Cardio vascular system. (15 marks)
Describe types of epithelial tissue.

Q.2. Describe Physiology of Respiratory system. (15 marks)

Q.3. Draw labelled diagrams :- (20 marks)
a) Histology of urethra
b) Histology of Kidney
c) Histology of vagina
d) Histology of ovary
e) Histology of testis
f) Histology of vas deferrance

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