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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Alagappa University : BA History International Relations May 2009 Question Paper

Alagappa University - Question Paper
Distance Education
B.A. History May 2009
International Relations (From 1914 to the Present) Question Paper
Time : 3 hours.
Maximum : 100 Marks.
Attachment Type : Text

Question Paper Starts Here...
Time : Three hours
Maximum : 100 marks
SECTION A — (5 x 8 = 40 marks)
Answer any FIVE of the following.
All questions carry equal marks.
1. Write a note on Wilson’s 14 points.
2. Analyse the significance of Locorno Pact.
3. Explain the foreign policy of Stalin.
4. Discuss Japan’s consolidation over Manchuria.
5. Write a note on “Zionism”.
6. Explain Pearl Harbour Attack.
7. Describe the importance of NATO.
8. Analyse the merits of Globalisation.

SECTION B — (4 x 15 = 60 marks)
Answer any FOUR of the following.
All questions carry equal marks.
9. State the causes and effects of the second world war.
10. Describe the part played by U.N.O for achieving the policy of collective security.
11. Analyse the causes and consequences of the Arab-Israel conflict.
12. Examine the policy of imperialism of Japan.
13. Describe the foreign policy of India since 1947.
14. Review the role played by the Regional Organisations in the International Relations.
15. Analyse the role of middle east oil in world politics. 

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