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2010 Question Paper,University Of Pune Question Paper,PAPER - XI ENGLISH,S. Y. B. A. B. Ed. Integrated

University Of Pune Question Paper
S. Y. B. A. B. Ed. (Integrated) Examination - 2010
(Special - I)
(2008 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 100
Texts Prescribed : (1) The Importance of Being Ernest - Oscar Wilde
(2) Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller
(3) Hayavadana - Girish Karnad
Q.1) Attempt any four of the following : [20]
(a) What are the ancient forms of Drama ?
(b) How is Plot different from Story and Theme ?
(c) Explain importance of Unities in a Play.
(d) Define Tragedy. Mention a few traits of Modern Tragedy.
(e) Define Comedy. Give a few examples.
(f) Explain the term ‘Anti-hero’.
Q.2) Attempt any two of the following : [20]
(a) Comment on the use of element of absurdity in ‘The Importance
of Being Ernest’.
(b) Give character sketch of Algernon Moncrief.
(c) Write a note on Satire in ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’.
Q.3) Attempt any two of the following : [20]
(a) Discuss Willy Roman as a tragic hero in Arthur Miller’s ‘Death
of a Salesman’.
(b) Write a detailed note on the use of symbolism in ‘Death of a
(c) Discuss plot structure of ‘Death of a Salesman’.
Q.4) Attempt any two of the following : [20]
(a) What is the significance of the title, ‘Hayavadana’ ?
(b) Write a brief note on the role of chance or fate (or coincidence)
in ‘Hayavadana’.
(c) Comment on the role of the chours in Girish Karnad’s
Q.5) Answer briefly any four of the following : [20]
(a) “Conflict is the Soul of Drama.” How is this applicable to ‘Death
of a Salesman’.
(b) Explain difference between flat and round characters. Give
examples from ‘Death of a Salesman’.
(c) Comment on the use of stage properties in ‘Hayavadana’.
(d) What is Complex Plot ? Give examples from ‘Hayavadana’.
(e) “Use of wit, humour, satire and irony quite artisitically”, explain
it regarding drama ‘Hayavadana’.
(f) What is Social Tragedy ? Give example from ‘Death of a
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